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ROI on media spend highest when 40-50% spent online.

“According to the new Advertising Research Community (ARC) project (…) the optimum budget split for the UK as a whole is 55% offline, 45% online.”

HT @Grace_Kite.


Chart of the Day:

@Apple’s advertising business has more than tripled its market share in the six months after it introduced privacy changes to iPhones that obstructed rivals, including @Facebook and @Google, from targeting ads at consumers.

*A Thread*

Another Tony Hart fact:

He refused to let production team use 'quality' to determine whether a kid's art made it into the gallery. It should just be a straight selection of the mail bag.

He felt sending art in was an act of bravery for kids and that alone made it gallery-worthy https://twitter.com/BBCArchive/status/1449072586713755657

@shaneoleary1 @Grace_Kite The only correction I would make here is this 😀 Until now the “advertising” industry has treated online advertising as the “enemy” of effectiveness. Not actual marketers working ‘client’ side or spending their ‘own’ money in ECommerce startups. Great work @Grace_Kite

Thanks @shaneoleary1 for the share and write up

Online is not “the enemy” of marketing effectiveness, says econometrician @Grace_Kite.


@buffalogiu @ramirezreyes @Grace_Kite You can still view @Grace_Kite presentation by signing up for @The_IPA #EffWorks Global 2021, she appeared on Wed 13 October at 2pm. The presentation is also available to be downloaded there. Register here if you haven't already done so 😀https://avolio.swapcard.com/EffWorks2021/registrations/

here's a nickable chart for your decks.... fresh from today's talk at the IPA https://www.marketingweek.com/roi-media-highest-online/

Online ads not anathema to effectiveness, according to Arc study: https://buff.ly/3vkKWBz @Grace_Kite #EffWorks

some summary of my talk in the comments below this tweet 👇

Introducing ARC - a great new learning tool from the advertising research community! We @The_IPA look forward to working with you to take it to the next level. Thanks to all at ARC for data sharing and to @Grace_Kite for taking the lead #EffWorks https://twitter.com/the_ipa/status/1448273889407143938

Day 2 of #EffWorks Global 2021 is here!

After an inspired day yesterday, we have even more to offer today on topics including data strategy, global trends & the next era of growth - kicking off with three partner sessions this morning and an Effectiveness Awards lunch and learn.

I've long been a fan of the quits rate - also known as the Take This Job and Shove It index - as an economic indicator. It's surging in the US... https://www.ft.com/content/ad9f2346-19ef-4695-b6c9-c0983176eb23

Always my fave speaker at effworks and this year was a corker too. Def download if you are wondering how your plans for 2022 should react to covid unwinding

Good point made by Peter that some purpose campaigns do work to drive sales (although some don't) but we have to do them, because CEOs, investors, and supply chains need businesses to be green/ESG. It's an imperative that marketing can't opt out of.

👇 FREE, NEW, USEFUL stuff from @The_IPA including brilliance from @Grace_Kite @KNelsonField Peter Field. Free virtual tickets here. https://twitter.com/The_IPA/status/1445335512705871872

What would you do if you had the biggest database of real-life effectiveness studies ever?

I'd see what % of budget you should really spend online And I'd see whether effectiveness is really declining

Guess what? I - with friends - actually did it

Come see @The_IPA weds 2pm

good point well made @helenedw there is too much choice - I often think it will be the undoing of Amazon and other online marketplaces

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