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How do you know if your advertising is good, bad, or average? Benchmark vs. competitors in your category?

Our new data suggests another way.

We think it’s often better to benchmark vs. businesses with a similar turnover to you.

This month’s #ChartoftheMonth makes it easy.

Algorithms are powerful new agents of double-jeopardy

They mediate ever more purchases and decide what is made available to c.80% of us that never go past search page 2.

And they prioritise things that are already popular.... that means already BIG.


Advertising effectiveness has gone *up* in the past 5 years – find out why at our May 26 webinar with @Grace_Kite: https://buff.ly/3K1bey7

It seems an interesting time to revisit this conversation - I reckon I was right on inflation... do you guys agree or still think transitory? @JoMicheII @plbds

and our research was very carefully set up to be media channel neutral 🙂

@johnnieego @graemefraser @ThinkwithGoogle Indeed. Think @Grace_Kite’s analysis found ROI to be highest when 40-50% of budget was spent online.

A workshop student asked me for places to go to see collections of great data viz (he said he goes to Reddit's dataisbeautiful 🫤). I asked my LinkedIn followers for their suggestions and this is a thread of their go-to viz inspo spots.

A review of the research landscape that argues we've never had it better in terms of knowing - from the data - how to use marketing well by @annasampson7 - I agree Anna


double jeopardy is everywhere - put your ad on a bigger platform and it will not only get more views, but more attention, converse true for smaller platforms... this one by @KNelsonField - shame it doesn't have any data in it to support the 'laws' though


some stonking blogs this week - this one on prices in FMCG - deeper discounts dont work as well as shallower ones, and what to do - by @profpauwels would be interesting to you @sjbrockbank


Peter Field & I recommend that marketers use a mix of “brand building” & “activation” comms. Our research suggests the optimum split is usually ~60% brand, ~40% activation, but varies by context.

But why split brand & activation at all? Why not do both at once?


Why did advertising become less effective - and how has its effectiveness improved in the last 5 years? Join our webinar with @Grace_Kite to find out https://lnkd.in/e7bb-yFz

Wrapping up from yesterday’s #BrightonSEO keynote

1) @JPCastlin - sharp strategy mind with a great newsletter
2) @markritson - runs the @MWMiniMBA and writes a brilliant marketing week column
3) @Grace_Kite - publishes great research
4) @JudithLewis - for sweet throwing

Get your ROI benchmarks here! And follow @magicnumbersco if you like a chart a month

This sounds just like the results of the Ebay paper. @steve_tadelis. The advertising effect is overstated due to not knowing the counterfactual (where consumers would have clicked with organic vs. promoted). https://twitter.com/jbryanporter/status/1507500277175361538

I really enjoyed this conversation. Well worth a listen. @MarketingWeekEd @Grace_Kite https://twitter.com/Grace_Kite/status/1507337967647567874

We are Amazon's #1 drinkware supplier. In 2022 we will sell over 4 million tumblers and water bottles.

Over the past few years, we have spent over $10 million on Amazon ads.

This month our budget went to $0.

A thread about our change of heart with Amazon Advertising:

If we could get rid of one thing in marketing it should be the ability to bid on someone else's brand name as a search term

85% of @MarketingWeekEd readers agreed. Hear why at this link, 10mins into the vid for 5 mins.


‘All pandemics end eventually. But how, exactly, will we know when the COVID-19 pandemic is really “over”? It turns out the answer may lie more in sociology than epidemiology.’ ⁦@PandemicAction⁩ ⁦@sapinker⁩ ⁦@FareedZakaria⁩ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/people-not-science-decide-when-a-pandemic-is-over1/

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