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85-90% opt out of allowing apps to track them

@POSMarketer @hammer_mt @Marvdor2000 @zacmartin @Grace_Kite 1/ Man, I had so many plans for today . . .

Twitter is, I'll observe, a terrible medium for these discussions. Allowing that I've also received some cryptic brush-offs from Byron, Martin's right that conveying research by tweet is just miserable.

The upbeat UK PMIs are supported by the ONS' latest Business Impact of C-19 survey. According to my calcs, turnover was only 7.5% below normal between April 5 and 18, improving on the 8.5% shortfall in the two weeks to April 4 and 10.6% gap in the 2w to March 21. So far, so good

This slide is about the US but the same thing is happening here, and everywhere as the recovery gets underway. I think every advertiser should be considering media plans that talk to people in the different arms of the K differently. Do you agree?

effectiveness of display using testing. does it work? yes

Link to a very cool paper about effectiveness of search advertising

In his book Alchemy, the @Ogilvy Vice Chairman, @rorysutherland describes the surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense.

In the opening pages Rory lists 11 rules of Alchemy.

I’ll summarise them here in case anyone in #MarketingTwitter finds them useful.

👇 Thread 👇

A lot of it does though.

There really are opportunities for good new "green collar" jobs, but we can't pretend there won't be losers as well as winners. Better to plan ahead, think about geographical impacts, how to align the new jobs with the loss of the old where possible.

Pathways for productivity and growth after the COVID-19 crisis | @voxeu , @cepr_org Policy Portal https://voxeu.org/article/pathways-productivity-and-growth-after-covid-19-crisis

For only the second time (that I can recall), I've had a confirmed talk cancelled due to my slides being heavily critical of Google & Facebook.

I won't out the organizer, but I thought I'd share the offending slides here.

Fascinating column in @thetimes on the use of data in Timpsons by @JamesTCobbler

Four types of remote workers

Free acces @FT 👉 https://on.ft.com/3v7WNBr

Great work by @Grace_Kite and @tomroach that builds on the Long and Short of it with real world examples and learnings. The wrong and the real of marketing effectiveness https://www.marketingweek.com/wrong-real-marketing-effectiveness/

thought i'd dust off this article from january which is topical this week with the changes at #apple #IDFA

cookies are crumbling, nows the time for light and agile market mix

Interesting debate here on they implications of apple allowing customers to block cross app tracking 👇 https://twitter.com/rich_kirk/status/1386928989529325569

A podcast all about how digital marketing and the role it plays in making e-commerce products available by our @Grace_Kite for @WARCEditors https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Vn9PQ9UfDmB6ESa6Jt05x

Guess what!
@WARCEditors is now a podcast!
Some great episodes now out featuring @Grace_Kite @JCPHankins @LeShann and more 🔥


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