Dr Grace Kite

Founder and Economist

Economist and founder of Magic Numbers @Grace_Kite says that econometrics “is for understanding how the decisions you make affect sales, revenue and profits, and that’s something that marketers working in complex businesses don’t always know”. https://www.marketingweek.com/grace-kite-econometrics/

Our whitepaper examines the role of #brandinvestment in today's #marketingmix, as #consumers increasingly switch their spending to #digital channels.

With insights from @EhrenbergBass, @jameshurman, Dr @Grace_Kite, @Unilever, @GSKUS, @Google and more -

Flawed Data https://xkcd.com/2494/ https://m.xkcd.com/2494/

It was this! It was epic. It was a gem in the depths of lockdown. So, I'm unearthing it and sharing it at the office too. Thank you @cambartley

i'm trying to find an old tweet thread, where someone proposed watching youtube clips instead of webinars and then discussing them - was it you @cambartley. there were some ace clips linked and i want to reccomend it to someone.....


A lovely description and diagram of category entry points in the tweet below.

In short, it’s a way to get more people thinking about the brand in more situations which will grow the brand. https://twitter.com/jonmbradshaw/status/1411449867411492865

"becoming an inventor relies upon two things in America: excelling in mathematics and science and having a rich family."

from https://voxeu.org/article/how-exposure-innovation-influences-who-becomes-inventor

by Alex Bell, Raj Chetty, Xavier Jaravel, Neviana Petkova, John Van Reenen

via @Edsall and @amcafee

@MartinWolf_ on Aghion: "de-growth” is practically and politically unworkable. We can only innovate our way out But the right innovation won't happen without ...incentives/regulation/government spending & pressure from civil society

Study quoted in Economist - if you write an email in what you perceive to be a positive tone it’s likely to be perceived neutrally by the reader

If you write one in a neutral tone it’s likely to be perceived as negative

"Undeniably, brand works for acquisition. By changing mix and ⬆️ brand investment, we've ⬇️ acquisition costs 100%. We get 4-5x our previous PPC CTR because if people don't know you they'll click on a brand they do."


Taking a look at the latest nominal quarterly components of GDP. Consumption spending dropped for second quarter in a row. Now about halfway between peak and first lockdown trough.

I've been giving away secrets to the next generation of brilliant marketers....

“Telemigration is coming faster than most think and ways few expect”

Covid uncertainty means permanent change for managers https://on.ft.com/2U2uQOD

We've released v2.0, we've added #iOS, we've added over 300 #tokens and we have backing to push on and more #DeFi features.

Numio is going places 🔥

#cryptowallet #Ethereum #FinTech #cryptocurrency https://twitter.com/GetNumio/status/1414618375653842951

Very pleased to share a pre-print analysing human mobility data from the BBC Pandemic project with Julia Gog, Maria Tang, @petrakle , @AdamJKucharski , @StephenKissler , @FryRsquared https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.02.19.21252079v1

Powerful platforms – and the possibility of bias - are on everyone’s mind these days. For example, Google got in hot water for favoring its own properties in search. How about bias at Spotify? 1/n

"Every time they see an ad, people want to buy."

- How people think advertising works

"When it comes time to buying, I'm looking into my brain which is a mess of associations, so whatever brand pops to mind strongest will be considered."

- How advertising actually works

I have put together some thoughts for this webinar on Wednesday - and lovely Harry from @Facebook is even more interesting than me. Do join us!

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