We crunch the numbers to see how real people respond to your marketing. Then we use those numbers to help you sell more stuff.

You’ll trust our analysis because it will include your knowledge and test your hunches. And because we’ll explain it in a way that doesn’t make your people feel stupid.

We won’t deliver a deck and then disappear. We’ll get involved, and then we’ll stay involved until our findings are acted on.

That’s why you’ll get real business results.

  • Business economics deep dive

    If your business is complex, you might not have a clear view of how the choices you make affect revenue and profit. Our econometrics untangles all the moving parts to find the actions that’ll make the most impact on your business. It’s perfect if you want a partner that will look at everything, talk to everyone and then explain what you should do.

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  • E-Commerce package

    In an increasingly cookie-less world, it’s tricky for e-commerce businesses to identify effective and low risk marketing strategies. Our light and agile adaptation of econometrics is designed exactly for this. You’ll also get a free category demand pools run, and, if needed, a set up and handover service so you can do it in-house.

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  • Category demand pools

    When people search, they type in what they want, what they need and what they’ll pay for. The data those searches generate builds a detailed description of demand. In other words, what it’s possible to sell. Our algorithm quickly analyses demand in your category to see what most people want, and what they care about.

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  • Metrics that matter

    If data isn’t your first love, the ever-expanding number of feeds can be overwhelming. So this workstream sets out to simplify. It identifies the metrics that are most important for sales – both in the short and long run – and puts them all into one place. And automated data feeds keep the dashboard up to date.

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