What does it do?

A key element of strategy and positioning is understanding demand. Typically, advertisers and their agencies research demand using slow and expensive methods like focus groups and questionnaires.

At the same time, consumers are typing what they want to buy into google, in great volumes, all the time.

Our algorithm leverages the data that google and amazon searches create to understand demand in a given category in detail, quickly and easily.

It gives a read on what’s important to people in the category, what they’re thinking when they’re shopping, and where the big and winnable opportunities are.

How does it work?

Category Demand Pools

What do clients learn?

  • Online services business learned that demand for separate domain, hosting and email is declining vs all-in-one purchasing. People searching in this category want to create, make or design something
  • Gifting experiences business learned that day trips are bigger and faster growing vs weekend breaks. For anniversary gifts the feelings “warm” and “cosy” matter
  • Car rental business learned that local availability is the most important consideration to customers, and that owning the word “national” isn’t the same thing
  • Sports footwear business confirmed that “Nike trainers” is an unassailable pool of demand for other competitors, but that there was increasing demand for specialist running shoes
  • Charity interested in gifts in wills learned that almost no-one ‘shops’ online for a charity to give to

What do clients do then?

  • Redesign creative for TV, posters, Facebook ads
  • New product development
  • Re-index for more successful SEO
  • Improve PPC keyword choices, spot good value but important keywords
  • For agencies: win a pitch
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