What does it do?

Choosing the right way to spend marketing money across different platforms is trickier than it looks. Last click attribution doesn’t take account of everything else that happens on the customer’s journey, and multi-touch attribution is increasingly being blocked along with 3rd party cookies.

Things get even trickier when it’s time to move into strategies that bigger businesses use – like investing into TV, posters, and radio.

At the heart of our package is a lighter and more agile adaptation of econometrics techniques that offline businesses have been using for decades. It gives you a clear read on the true effect of online and offline marketing, while also identifying the effect of price, product, the pandemic, and competitors.

Included for free is a demand pools run, and we also offer a ‘set up and gentle handover’ service for businesses who want to undertake econometric analysis in house.

How does it work?

Although it’s based on multiple regression, a topic that many data scientists are equipped to have a go at, econometrics is not trivial to pick up and get right.

Our version keeps important elements of the traditional approach – like experienced human beings understanding the business and ensuring the analysis reflects the real world – but it simplifies and automates elsewhere.

What do clients learn?

  • The reason for overall patterns of sales growth
  • How to de-risk awareness building advertising on TV, posters, press, and radio
  • Why Facebook doesn’t match Google analytics
  • The effect of upper funnel online channels like YouTube
  • The effect of price changes, promotions and sales, the pandemic, the weather
  • What competitors do that works
  • Whether and when marketing is genuinely incremental

What do clients do then?

  • Re-allocate spending across platforms, usually to the benefit of upper funnel vs last click channels
  • Identify redundant signposts e.g. brand PPC when SEO is already optimised and the brand is well known
  • Save money
  • Confidently invest into awareness building advertising

Testimonials about our E-Commerce package

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