Knowing what your data says about how to drive revenue and profit is critical. But that knowledge has to be shared and believed to be used.

We’re your independent ally, who understands how your research fits together and can identify numbers that’ll make the biggest impact on your business.

We’ll show you the way. And we’ll tell you if you’re going off course.

You’ll get simple, clear, and truthful conversations. Because when analysis is done well, there’s no need to hide behind jargon or blind you with science.


The magic isn’t smoke and mirrors, it’s the pleasure of working with good people and the excitement that comes with progress.

Our values

  • Bang on… numbers you can really rely on
  • People people… we’ve got all the tools, but we’re a people business first
  • Sleeves rolled up… we get involved, we get shit done
  • Fierce friend… on your side, but not afraid to challenge your plans
  • Our team

    Thoughtful business economists who are good with numbers and understand how consumers and markets behave. We all like talking and listening to people too - you won’t find any back-office number-crunchers silently tapping away at spreadsheets here.

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  • Join us

    You’ll be bang on when it comes to economics and econometrics. And you’ll be up to date with the latest techniques for handling and managing data. But you’ll also simplify things, speak plain English instead of jargon, and have the people skills it takes to be a brilliant partner for our clients. We hire real people, not ivory-tower people, and have working practices to match.

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