What does it do?

If you have almost too many data sources and you don’t know which one is most important, there’s a risk of focussing on the wrong thing. Maybe you’ll focus on the metric that’s easiest to measure, rather than the one that really matters for your business.

The metrics that matter workstream sets out to simplify. It identifies the metrics that are most important for sales – both in the short and long run – and puts them all into one place. Automated data feeds ensure the dashboard is always up to date.

How does it work?

Metrics that matter

What do clients learn?

  • How different types of advertising drive brand perceptions and preference
  • In turn, how these brand perceptions impact sales over the longer term
  • Which brand attributes/beliefs are most important for sales
  • How current current campaigns are doing vs important metrics
  • If/when going off track

What do clients do then?

  • Choose for long and short run
  • Alter media mix in real time
  • Favour creative based on important attributes
  • Re-focus on important decisions rather than sifting through data sources
  • Report and celebrate success to their boss
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