Are you scared of commitment? Can’t decide whether your current campaign is the one?

Well it could well be undermining the effectiveness of your advertising.

Read the new article from @Grace_Kite to find out why:

How do you know if your advertising is good, bad, or average? Benchmark vs. competitors in your category?

Our new data suggests another way.

We think it’s often better to benchmark vs. businesses with a similar turnover to you.

This month’s #ChartoftheMonth makes it easy.

Giving context to your results is a vital part of any winning @IPA Effectiveness paper, helping the judges understand just how good your campaign was. 🏆

How strong is your case versus these category benchmark RROIs from the #arc database?

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More proof that MMM advancements and incrementality testing is the way forward

If we could get rid of one thing in marketing it should be the ability to bid on someone else's brand name as a search term

85% of @MarketingWeekEd readers agreed. Hear why at this link, 10mins into the vid for 5 mins.

Golden rules for the perfect @The_IPA evidence chart!🤩
What other tips would you add?

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At magic numbers we believe that it's the workplace, not women’s confidence, that needs to be fixed - via @FT

We love this thread of killer stats... Would you like us to do one for marketing?

Golden rules for the perfect @The_IPA evidence chart!🤩
What other tips would you add?

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Starting the week with interesting findings and a nickable chart!
➡️The highest return in advertising achieved when 40 to 50% of the budget is spent online.

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It's (just about) still January, so still legit to be thinking through plans & making sure you're up to date on the latest thinking.

So here's some goodies for your kit bag. All our recent data-led research, written up into bite size chewy chunks

Great news!! 🥳🎉

Our founder @Grace_Kite will be one of the 61 Specialist Judges of the Technical Panel for @The_IPA #EffectivenessAwards for the second time!

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thank you very much for contributing @VCCPMedia - we loved working with you on it

A new article from our own @Grace_Kite

Our brand new study is now available.

'The TV playbook for online businesses' is a specialist guide to help online brands unravel and navigate their journey into TV advertising.

Check out our findings in full here:

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You can download charts just like this from our latest research 'The TV playbook for online businesses' with @magicnumbersco here:

While you're there, why not catch up on the launch event too?


oooh! we made it into le francais.

epic chart, well worth looking at again, in any language

Our research launch ‘The TV playbook for online businesses’ is available on demand & features a fruitful panel discussion with @goustocooking, @rightmove & Chamber.

Hear their pearls of wisdom from using TV in their own brand journeys here:


We're hiring for a special person to help shape the future of @magicnumbersco if it's you or someone you know 👇👇

If you didn’t get the chance to watch our research launch event ‘The TV playbook for online businesses', it’s now available on demand

Along with slides from @magicnumbersco to download at your leisure, you catch up here



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