It's (just about) still January, so still legit to be thinking through plans & making sure you're up to date on the latest thinking.

So here's some goodies for your kit bag. All our recent data-led research, written up into bite size chewy chunks

Great news!! 🥳🎉

Our founder @Grace_Kite will be one of the 61 Specialist Judges of the Technical Panel for @The_IPA #EffectivenessAwards for the second time!

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thank you very much for contributing @VCCPMedia - we loved working with you on it

A new article from our own @Grace_Kite

Our brand new study is now available.

'The TV playbook for online businesses' is a specialist guide to help online brands unravel and navigate their journey into TV advertising.

Check out our findings in full here:

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"TV was the biggest single source of traffic" Check out 'The TV playbook for online businesses' from @Thinkboxtv . Featuring interesting findings on the role / power of TV advertising for online businesses, presented by @magicnumbersco

You can download charts just like this from our latest research 'The TV playbook for online businesses' with @magicnumbersco here:

While you're there, why not catch up on the launch event too?


oooh! we made it into le francais.

epic chart, well worth looking at again, in any language

Our research launch ‘The TV playbook for online businesses’ is available on demand & features a fruitful panel discussion with @goustocooking, @rightmove & Chamber.

Hear their pearls of wisdom from using TV in their own brand journeys here:


We're hiring for a special person to help shape the future of @magicnumbersco if it's you or someone you know 👇👇

If you didn’t get the chance to watch our research launch event ‘The TV playbook for online businesses', it’s now available on demand

Along with slides from @magicnumbersco to download at your leisure, you catch up here


all about what happens when online brands go on telly. featuring gousto and research by us

TV's cost-per-visit is comparable to search, says Faith Stevens from @magicnumbersco. Across the 10 brands analysed, TV drove 50m visits at an average cost-per-visit of £2.11. 6 of the 10 brands the study modelled had a TV cost-per-visit between £1.90 and £2.50 #TVplaybook

TV is good at lodging the brand name in the mind, says @Grace_Kite @magicnumbersco, which means less paid generic search (which costs more) ...


Join us on Tues 16 Nov and hear from @Grace_Kite and Faith Stevens from @magicnumbersco as they take us through brand-new research ‘The TV playbook for online businesses’

Head over to our website to watch the launch event live from 9.30am


Very exciting research launching at COP26 today by @magicnumbersco and @PurposeDisrupt: advertising gets people to buy more stuff, that causes A LOT of emissions.

But we in UK advertising have the power to change things, read about how here:

Are you looking for a specialist guide to TV advertising for online born brands?

The launch of our brand new research study with @magicnumbersco will reveal just that.

Register your interest for our first major live event of 2021 here:


What would you do if you had the biggest database of real-life effectiveness studies ever?

I'd see what % of budget you should really spend online And I'd see whether effectiveness is really declining

Guess what? I - with friends - actually did it

Come see @The_IPA weds 2pm

Best week of the year at Zenith and one of my fave perks - getting to host some of the best brains in the industry and have them speak with our clients. A huge thankyou to them.

If you're client side and want to come along dm me. Sessions are 45 mins at 10am each day this week.

For the last two Fridays lots of smart people & marketing legends have come together to debate interesting topics. Here is a thread of the two so far:
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