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A marketer’s guide to the economy after covid by our @Grace_Kite https://magicnumbers.co.uk/articles/a-marketers-guide-to-the-economy-after-covid/

Now that the sun's out and the shops are open, I wrote about the economy after covid, and especially the opportunities and risks for marketers.

Hope you find it useful.


love the effort that's gone into this #dataviz - and it confirms what we've seen in econometrics, that is #YouTube often behaves like TV

Goodbye to the golden era of cheap TV - first few clicks will get past the paywall https://on.ft.com/3hKt0LN via @FT

the Mumsnet swear count. barometer of our times

magic numbers chart of the month, may 2021

the recovery is k-shaped, you need to know which arm your of the k your target market is in and talk to them appropriately

consider media buys that allow you to talk to the two arms differently too

Had the absolute please of working with the team at @magicnumbersco and @Grace_Kite to shoot portraits and group shots for their website. Thank you! https://magicnumbers.co.uk/who-we-are/our-team/

25 behavioural biases..

From @rshotton's The Choice Factory; via @alexjmurrell

Not quite sure why most briefs in Adland are for affluent Millennials given they don't really exist.

Older people have ALL of the money, I've been saying this for 10 years.

This slide is about the US but the same thing is happening here, and everywhere as the recovery gets underway. I think every advertiser should be considering media plans that talk to people in the different arms of the K differently. Do you agree?

A lot of it does though. https://twitter.com/Prof_Yildirim/status/1387950410376400906

effectiveness of display using testing. does it work? yes https://twitter.com/garjoh_canuck/status/1382753119235411971

Interesting debate here on they implications of apple allowing customers to block cross app tracking 👇

A podcast all about how digital marketing and the role it plays in making e-commerce products available by our @Grace_Kite for @WARCEditors https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Vn9PQ9UfDmB6ESa6Jt05x

Should you subtract acquisition costs before reporting CLV? Given they are sunk costs for current customers subtract them only if you don't want CLV to be useful for decision making, http://neilbendle.com/does-acquisition-cost-reduce-customer-lifetime-value/ #MarketingMetrics

Are marketers struggling to see the wood for the trees in a forest of data? Find out why too much data could be a threat to creativity in our exclusive interview with renowned marketer @tomroach: https://bit.ly/2QpolTY

Interesting use of search data for the question of the week... which categories will have a spurt as we reopen? @BinetLes @JCPHankins

For the last few years, we’ve been experimenting with Share of Search as a tracking metric. It’s fast, cheap and we think rather useful. Here’s a brief overview of some of our findings.
https://youtu.be/Ty7TqjHKBZo via @YouTube

Britons prepare to spend their savings as lockdown eases - https://on.ft.com/3wPUaWF via @FT


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