This slide is about the US but the same thing is happening here, and everywhere as the recovery gets underway. I think every advertiser should be considering media plans that talk to people in the different arms of the K differently. Do you agree?

A lot of it does though.

effectiveness of display using testing. does it work? yes

Interesting debate here on they implications of apple allowing customers to block cross app tracking 👇

A podcast all about how digital marketing and the role it plays in making e-commerce products available by our @Grace_Kite for @WARCEditors

Should you subtract acquisition costs before reporting CLV? Given they are sunk costs for current customers subtract them only if you don't want CLV to be useful for decision making, #MarketingMetrics

Are marketers struggling to see the wood for the trees in a forest of data? Find out why too much data could be a threat to creativity in our exclusive interview with renowned marketer @tomroach:

Interesting use of search data for the question of the week... which categories will have a spurt as we reopen? @BinetLes @JCPHankins

For the last few years, we’ve been experimenting with Share of Search as a tracking metric. It’s fast, cheap and we think rather useful. Here’s a brief overview of some of our findings. via @YouTube

Britons prepare to spend their savings as lockdown eases - via @FT

How can we turn the tide on declining effectiveness?

We are teaming up with Dr @Grace_Kite to expand our #effectiveness analysis to include more evaluations of campaigns from the marketing front lines.

Find out more: #EffWorks

i admit it. my latest in @MarketingWeekEd is geeky.

its all about how the economists working on the big legal battles will know whether google has market power or not.

turns out a lot depends on how search works as a communications channel...

our @Grace_Kite on the legal battle that will affect all marketers 👇

Love the rebrand of econometrician @Grace_Kite's company, which is now Magic Numbers.

Do follow, or even better work with, @magicnumbersco if you can.

testing testing @joelkite


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