What would you do if you had the biggest database of real-life effectiveness studies ever?

I'd see what % of budget you should really spend online And I'd see whether effectiveness is really declining

Guess what? I - with friends - actually did it

Come see @The_IPA weds 2pm

Best week of the year at Zenith and one of my fave perks - getting to host some of the best brains in the industry and have them speak with our clients. A huge thankyou to them.

If you're client side and want to come along dm me. Sessions are 45 mins at 10am each day this week. https://twitter.com/Zenith_Media_UK/status/1437347682767577088

For the last two Fridays lots of smart people & marketing legends have come together to debate interesting topics. Here is a thread of the two so far:
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Very (very) occasionally we release one of our Corporate Sponsor reports publicly...
Report 79: What happens when brands stop advertising? Read it now (for free) on our website.
http://www.marketingscience.info/when-brands-stop-advertising @ProfByron @UniversitySA #evidencebasedmarketing

Who really responds most to ads?
Turns out it's your current buyers.
@ncsolutions ads more support to the theory that a key role of advertising is reminding your customers you still exist.

Read more at https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6829451195279560704/

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A punchy one, but i'd love to settle a debate.
Huge respect for Byrons Sharp's work. But one thing i still don't fully buy is the total anti loyalty stance. Here why, please tell me why i'm wrong? 👇

New estimates of TV advertising effectiveness across 288 CPG brands show that advertising generally has little effect on sales and most brands earn a negative ROI. The results cast doubt on the sustainability of financing TV content markets with ad revenue https://www.econometricsociety.org/publications/econometrica/journal-materials/forthcoming-papers

There’s one really the big secret to doing effective marketing... and @magicnumbersco founder, Grace Kite just shared it at #ContagiousBootcamp. But sorry, we’re sworn to secrecy. What do you think it is?

Don't miss our #webinar on 14 July with experts Harry Davidson (@Facebook) and Dr @Grace_Kite (@magicnumbersco) to find out how to balance #brandbuilding and performance for #online sales.

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I'm speaking at the contagious bootcamp next week wednesday, along with Paul Feldwick, Abba Newbery and other brilliant people.

You can go there on deal - 20% off with code GRACEBOOTCAMPUK


.@Grace_Kite's concept of Digital Rent is one of the most important breakthroughs of digital marketing.

Understanding the difference between generating and harvesting demand in an online world will change the way you advertise.

1) Great charts from @alexdbauer on IOS 14.5+ adoption.

Any impact from ATT would have begun in late June. Curious to see how this all plays out.

Hilarious that attribution post dual-sided consent has gone up by 27% for Apple Search Ads and down *93%* for all other networks.

How do you balance #brandbuilding and performance for #online sales?

Don't miss our #webinar on 14 July with experts Harry Davidson (@Facebook ) and Dr @Grace_Kite (@magicnumbersco) to find out - https://bddy.me/3jBecQo

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best chart in the new @WARCEditors white paper - it shows that click through rates are correlated with brand reputation

and as we all know CTRs push you up the organic rankings and help with your adwords quality score.

it's equity in the algorithm.

our @grace_kite had a very interesting chat with Jon Evans this week, it covers some useful advice for CMOs coming out of econometric studies and how our approach is different. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0bFCXKCUgkNQ21kVEPgXh8

i'm quoted in campaign today! a v. interesting and helpful article about what marketers should do in this strange economic recovery we find ourselves experiencing https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/brands-find-strength-consumer-unity-amid-disunity/1719230

Some parts of society will continue to struggle...

Read @Grace_Kite @magicnumbersco @marketingweek on the marketing challenges of a "K-shaped" recovery:


Missed our recent #WARCPodcast?

Listen to @Grace_Kite and @phdworldwide's Gemma Spence as they talk #digitalrent and digital availability and the implications on the way #marketers approach their budgets - https://www.warc.com/warctalks?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=warc-podcast&utm_content=nocontent&utm_term=noterm

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A marketer’s guide to the economy after covid by our @Grace_Kite https://magicnumbers.co.uk/articles/a-marketers-guide-to-the-economy-after-covid/

Now that the sun's out and the shops are open, I wrote about the economy after covid, and especially the opportunities and risks for marketers.

Hope you find it useful.



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